Sister League of San Diego (formerly Big Sister League of San Diego) is a nonprofit organization providing affordable, safe and supportive housing to adult women in San Diego.

Founded in 1942, Sister League of San Diego (SLSD) was initially organized to provide housing to women and their children who were separated from their husbands during WWII.

Since then, Sister League has continued to provide safe housing and supportive day programming to adult women affected by mental health issues, homelessness, trauma and domestic abuse – issues which unfortunately are prevalent in our San Diego community today. By providing a safe and supportive home, Sister League helps women become more confident and self-sufficient.

Our support for women encompasses three main principles:


SLSD provides affordable, safe and supportive housing to adult women. Sister League staff manages two 15-bed residences in the Banker’s Hill neighborhood of San Diego which together accommodates a total of 30 residents.


Sister League requires residents to work with a well-rounded team of professionals such as a case manager, therapist/psychologist, psychiatrist, general practitioner and other community agencies. All residents must have a case manager or obtain one within the first 14 days of arriving. They must attend groups once a week or start attending groups within the first 7 days. Additionally, residents are required to participate in community activities to promote independence, which typically takes the form of volunteer work, adult education courses, or seeking employment.


Our goal is to help our residents gain stability and independence.