Our residential program provides housing and supportive services for women focusing on developing life skills, continuing their education, seeking or improving employment, overcoming trauma, and obtaining permanent housing.

Sister League residential facilities for women provide affordable and supportive housing in the Bankers Hill area.


SLSD provides affordable, safe and supportive housing in a community based setting. The staff manages two 15-bed residences in the Banker’s Hill neighborhood of San Diego.


Supportive Sister League staff are available on-site to assist residents seven days a week.


Each residence at SLSD has a communal kitchen with homemade dinners prepared for the residents several nights a week. Groceries are provided so the residents can make their own breakfasts and lunches.


Residents are provided support to stabilize their health and assistance with securing access to medical and psychological services.


Residents are required to participate in community activities to promote independence. This typically takes the form of volunteer work, adult education courses, or seeking employment.


A variety of activities (games, crafts, gardening, painting, classes, etc.) are available to the residents in an effort to promote personal growth.


SLSD helps residents set goals toward a path of stability and independence.

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