We are a Member of Your Team

Sister League requires residents to work with a well-rounded team of professionals such as a case manager, therapist/psychologist, psychiatrist, general practitioner and other community agencies.

Resident Criteria

  • Must have income or sponsor willing to pay rent (all utilities are included)
  • Must be sober from any drugs or alcohol for thirty days
  • Must take medications independently and as prescribed
  • Willing and capable of doing household chores
  • Willing to complete 20 community hours per week
  • Must currently have a case manager or be willing to obtain a case manager within the first 14 days
  • Must currently attend groups or start attending groups within the first 7 days (NA, AA, group therapy, etc.)
  • Must participate in monthly drug testing

Program Expectations

  • Weekly Accountability Sessions
  • Community Hours
  • 30-Day Blackout Period

Application Process

  • Assessment and Move-In Process
  • Referral Sources

Apply now!

To apply for residency at SLSD, please complete and email (or fax 619-297-3908) the following two forms:

Note, as part of the application process, SLSD will require the last 2 years of mental health records.