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Kayla – Bridging Wildlife Conservation Passion with Community Care

February 28, 2024

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Meet Kayla, one of SLSD’s dedicated Transition Aides who joined the staff in August of 2023. With a background rooted in wildlife conservation, Kayla brings a unique perspective to her role in supporting the mental health of women within our community. Her passion for nature conservation has seamlessly transitioned into a commitment to creating a nurturing environment for our residents. Currently pursuing her Master in Social Work from the University of Kentucky, Kayla demonstrates dedication to furthering her knowledge and skills in the field, enriching her ability to provide support to those in need.

Kayla’s role extends far beyond the title of Transition Aide. Through her weekly check-ins with residents, she ensures that their needs are not only met but understood on a deeper level. Her genuine care and attentive approach create a safe space where meaningful conversations flourish, allowing for healing and growth.

When not occupied with her career, Kayla discovers tranquility in the outdoors. Her affection for hiking and rock climbing fuels her sense of adventure! Furthermore, Kayla has a hidden talent for working with aerial silks, skillfully defying gravity with her movements.