“It would’ve been scary if I hadn’t found SLSD. I probably would’ve had to rent a random room in a stranger’s home.”

Marilyn came to SLSD in January 2021 after her plan to move in with a friend fell through, and she found herself homeless. “My brother did some research and found SLSD. He told me I’d have to be accepted into the program first and that we had a meeting in a couple of days.” As Marilyn let out a laugh, she says that he pleaded with her, “please don’t say anything bad.” As much as Marilyn’s brother liked what he had read about SLSD, he was concerned about how Marilyn would fit in, whether she would be fine sharing a room with someone she didn’t know, and be okay with program requirements such as completing chores.

Marilyn now says that contrary to other residents’ opinions she doesn’t mind the chores at all. She enjoys tending SLSD’s gardens and gets along fine with everyone in the home. When asked about her adjustment period, Marilyn says it wasn’t difficult to get acclimated to life at SLSD and that she just “fell into it.” She stated that “staff was so kind and would listen when I had my moments.”

“SLSD feels like a sisterhood.”

When asked what she would’ve done had she not been accepted, Marilyn said that she didn’t know where else she could have gone. “It would’ve been scary if I hadn’t found SLSD. I probably would’ve had to rent a random room in a stranger’s home.” She continued, “SLSD feels like a sisterhood and it’s taught me that I can’t be so judgmental. Everyone here has their things going on, and I’ve to become more understanding while learning to get along with the other ladies here who may be having a tougher time.”

Marilyn finished by saying, “When I think of SLSD, I feel safe and that’s important to me because I came to a totally different town and didn’t really know anyone but my brother. Now my brother and I are closer and I’m just really happy and want to continue to do good here.”

“I want others outside of SLSD to know that it’s a really worthy cause. The volunteers are extra cool and I love when people from outside the program come to spend their time with us. I’m even trying to get my brother to build us a new bench because I want to contribute to making SLSD a better place.”